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Ryder Bodhi Quiroga: Born on Sunday, July 24th, 2005 at 11:47AM. Ryder Bodhi is a welcome addition to the clan Quiroga. Updated monthly. Or so...

Weddings: We love weddings. We loved ours, and we love seeing two good friends celebrate their love publicly. Share the love, here.

Happy Fun Camera Time: We immensely enjoy photography, and chronicle our adventures in San Francisco and beyond. The bulk of our photos are here: dance parties, family gatherings, and a sprinkling of local flavor. Be sure to check out Pregeriffic Michele, in its finalized form.
[Happy Fun Camera Time]

Tolstoy: Tolstoy is a ten and a half year old Akita Husky mix who brings great joy to our hearts and inspires silly songs in our heads. He's so special in our world that he has his own gallery. Not for the faint of heart...

Travels: There are many joys found in traveling. The nuances of other cultures Art and architecture that predates our own country by thousands of years. Most everywhere we go, we take a camera with us, to try and capture in image that fleeting moment of inspiration. See where we've been, and tell us about your own trips while you're at it.

Burning Man: Every summer we used to travel to the Black Rock Desert to camp with friends, check out the art, and create something meaningful. Often surprised, never disappointed, Burning Man was what we made it, and we like to think that we made it special.
          [Burning Man]

Self Portrait Series: Nobody loves us as much as we do, and we have the pictures to prove it.

Word -- At times, we are moved to capture our thoughts with the written word. Sometimes, we go so far as to share them...



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