Burning Man 2002

Fandango Village 2002
Total Playa Domination is a family affair, and we do so love our fair family.

Black Rock City, 2002
A few shots of our second favorite city in the world.

Burning Art, 2002
Don't let the interntional attention, the fact that Burning Man now has an official curator, or the high school prom theme fool you. Burning Man Art is cool.

Black Rock Citizens 2002
Decorated, decadent and deviant, the delightful denizens of brc.

Temple of Joy Burn 2002
Few words can describe the power and purity of the temple burn.

Nyx, Queen of the Night
We converted a motorcycle to an art bike for Burning Man 2002. It was time consuming, but ultimately rewarding. Follow the progress here.

Burning Man 2001

Fandango Village 2001
2001 marked the first year that Michele and Greg camped together, as well as the first year that we camped with Fandango. We have made the complete conversion, see why.

Burning Art, 2001
Some head to the desert in search of themselves. Others go simply seeking a good time. We like the art.

Faces on the playa.

Burn 2001
Faces on the playa.


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